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Your Donations to Ebola Fund Reach Thousands of Workers. October 23, 2014—Union members across Liberia have taken the lead in Ebola education and prevention among workers and their families, holding awareness trainings for thousands of workers and supplying them with hand-washing buckets and sanitization cleansers donated in part through the Solidarity Center West Africa Ebola Fund.

Donate Now! West Africa Ebola Emergency Fund. September 29, 2014—Your contribution can help slow the spread of Ebola and save lives.

Liberia and Nigeria Unions Act against Ebola. September 15, 2014—Unions in Liberia and Nigeria are teaching union members, their families and local communities how to prevent transmission of the Ebola virus and speaking out on behalf of health care and other front-line workers.

Liberian Workers Seek to Close Wage Gap with Expats. July 1, 2014—Contract negotiations between the United Workers Union of Liberia Local 4 and ArcelorMittal have stalled, with management refusing to agree to the wage increase the workers’ are seeking.

Oretha Tarnue: Mobilizing, Empowering Liberian Domestic Workers. March 6, 2014—Oretha Tarnue, vice president of the United Workers Union of Liberia (UWUL) and a former domestic worker, is spearheading a drive in her country to organize domestic workers who,like their counterparts elsewhere, are routinely exploited by their employers.

Liberian Union Signs Agreement with Mining Multinational. September 12, 2012—On August 31, the United Workers Union of Liberia (UWUL) signed an historic collective bargaining agreement with the largest mining multinational in Liberia which includes salary increases and improved benefits.

Liberia: Decent Work in Law and Practice Key to Worker Rights, Says Union Leader. June 21, 2012—In Liberia, unions are working to ensure worker rights are preserved and protected in the country’s rubber industry and beyond.

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