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Top Story: Organizing – Labor in Iraq | December 20, 2010
War News Radio at Swarthmore College | Link to story » Solidarity Center senior staffer Shawna Bader-Blau is featured along with Iraqi labor activists in this audio segment by Swarthmore College War News Radio reporter Kate Aronoff.
Buy Alta Gracia College Apparel! | December 22, 2010
Talking Union | Link to story » "For the first time, I can wear my Badger sweatshirt knowing it was made in just working conditions," writes University of Wisconsin student Jonah Zinn. The existence of this unionized factory in the Dominican Republic is a tribute to a history of fierce organizing by United Students Against Sweatshops and unionists, including the Solidarity Center.
Chinese Efforts Against Human Trafficking | August 20, 2010
C-SPAN Video Library | Link to story » The Solidarity Center's Earl Brown joined an expert panel of analysts and academics who follow human rights in China as they testified on human trafficking, child and forced labor, and prostitution before the Congressional Executive Committee on China, chaired by Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-SD). (7:07-17:00)
Nike Agrees to Honduras Labor Fund | July 28, 2010
Democracy Digest |Link to Story » Nike Inc. will pay $1.5 million to a relief fund for Honduran workers to be jointly monitored by the Solidarity Center, the Central General de Trabajadores de Honduras, and the Worker Rights Consortium. Nike will make the contribution as part of a settlement of a dispute with the CGT on behalf of former workers at Nike contract apparel factories Hugger and Vision Tex, which closed abruptly in January 2009.
"Well to Wheel" Forum in Beirut Focuses on Oil, Transport Work in Iraq | July 26, 2010
ICEM InBrief | Link to Story » With support from the Solidarity Center, delegates from eight Iraqi unions in the oil processing and transportation sectors met in Beirut, Lebanon, under the "Well to Wheel" initiative. The seminar was hosted by ICEM and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), with which the Iraqi unions are affiliated. ICEM, ITF, and the Solidarity Center see this work as key to building union strength in Iraq and encouraging Iraqi unions to work together.
Online Activists Gather From Around Globe to Jumpstart Labor Movement | July 13, 2010
In These Times | Link to Story » The Solidarity Center's Lisa McGowan and Erin Radford were among more than 200 participants from 28 countries at LabourStart's first public conference, held July 9-12 in Hamilton, Ontario. When representatives of independent unions in Egypt and Algeria were denied visas at the last moment, McGowan and Radford ably filled in at a workshop on the revival of unions in those countries.
Rebuilding Haiti: The Job Everybody and Nobody Wants | July 9, 2010
In These Times | Link to Story » As civil society groups try to figure out where they fit into Haiti's quest for “sustainable development,” worker rights movements are emerging as a counterweight to the international aid agencies often associated with oppressive neo-imperialism. Education International, National Nurses United, and the Solidarity Center have all launched relief campaigns that promote partnership with fellow Haitian workers.
Qatar Votes to Promote OFW Rights and Welfare | June 28, 2010
OFW – Overseas Filipino News | Link to Story » In a round-table discussion Friday, an official of Qatar’s National Human Rights Committee (NHRC), a Solidarity Center partner, said they have been touring countries sending their labor force to Qatar to explain available remedies in cases of labor-related problems of migrant workers. A representative from the Solidarity Center also participated.
Migrant Workers Need Attention, Say Experts | June 28, 2010
The Kathmandu Post | Link to Story » Officials of the Qatar National Human Rights Committee, the Solidarity Center-Qatar, and GEFONT, a Nepali trade union organization, stressed Nepal should enlighten migrant workers before they leave for Qatar. “[Migrant workers] must be informed about the laws of the destination country before their departure,” said Boyko Atanasov, Solidarity Center Country Program Director for Qatar.
In Egypt, Arab World’s ‘Largest Social Movement’ Gains Steam Among Workers | June 28, 2010
Working In These Times | Link to Story » A much-detailed report released earlier this year by the AFL-CIO’s Solidarity Center on the roots of the unrest points to the steady growth in unemployment for average workers and deteriorating conditions for those struggling by on low wages. Joel Beinin, a leading expert on Egyptian labor, was the major writer.
Mexican Teach-in Charts North American Union Solidarity | June 28, 2010
International Metalworkers’ Federation | Link to Story » A first-ever, tri-nation forum to unite trade unions struggling for democratic autonomy in Mexico with US and Canadian unions was held in Toronto, Canada, on June 20. Ben Davis of the U.S. Solidarity Center provided several inspiring examples on how SNTMMSRM, or Los Mineros, continues to organize workers despite overt suppression by the Mexican government.
Liberia: A Flower Grows in West Africa | June 21, 2010 | Link to Story » The lives of 7,500 Firestone workers and their families should be improving soon, thanks to a newly elected union that won a 24 percent pay increase, retroactive to January 2007. The new labor pact, achieved with help from the United Steelworkers and the Solidarity Center, also calls for a 20 percent work reduction and for more mechanized transport of 150-pound buckets that previously were shoulder-borne.
A Strong Alliance with Sindicato de Telefonistas de la Republica Mexicana | No date
Communications Workers of America | Link to Story » In 2009, Associated Press journalists in Mexico won union recognition and bargaining rights with STRM, with the support of TNG-CWA's News Media Guild and the AFL-CIO Solidarity Center. The victory was a major step forward for the democratic workers’ movement in Mexico that STRM is leading.
Mexican Mine Workers Protest Brutal Beating of 20 Union Leaders and Activists | May/June 2010
Mexican Labor News & Analysis | Link to Story » About 175 members of the Steelworkers and supporters from the AFL-CIO’s Solidarity Center, among others, picketed in front of the Mexican Embassy May 20, protesting Mexican President Felipe Calderón’s visit to Washington and condemning his government’s repression of democratic unions in Mexico.
In the Fight Against the Spread of HIV/AIDS, There Is No Silver Bullet | May 27, 2010
Border Jumpers blog | Link to Story » One of the organizations that stands out, thanks to their variety of innovative strategies and approaches to combating the spread of the disease, is the Solidarity Center, an AFL-CIO affiliated non-profit organization that assists workers around the world who are struggling to build democratic and independent unions.
Labor and Media Vital to Pakistan’s Nascent Civil Society | June 30, 2010
Democracy Digest | Link to Story » Independent media are integral to a vibrant democracy, but labor unions are similarly pivotal, argues Chaudhary Talib Nawaz, president of the 800,000-member Pakistan Workers Federation. As representative, membership-based organizations, labor unions make a vital contribution to nurturing democratic culture, he told a meeting organized by Journalists for Democracy and Human Rights (JDHR) and Praxis Pakistan, supported by the Solidarity Center.
A Year after Cairo: Backtracking on Democracy? | May 20, 2010
Democracy Digest | Link to Story » While there appears to be no immediate threat to regime stability in a region characterized by strong states, there is evidence of underlying discontent and social unrest, including an upsurge in labor militancy. Some 1.7 million workers participated in 1,900 strikes and other actions between 2004 and 2008, according to a report from the Solidarity Center, an institute of the National Endowment for Democracy.
Human Trafficking: A Case for Partnering and Prioritizing | May 12, 2010
Democracy Digest | Link to Story » “How can the US play a role in addressing temporary or guest worker programs in which workers travel to a country through legal channels yet are still vulnerable to extreme exploitation, rising to the level of human trafficking?” asked Neha Misra, Solidarity Center Global Coordinator for Human Trafficking and Migrant Worker Programs, at a panel discussion hosted by the Center for American Progress.
Egypt's Mubarak regime signals harsh tactics against opponents | May 7, 2010
Christian Science Monitor | Link to Story » As Egypt approaches three elections in the next 18 months, including a presidential vote, the country has confronted the largest wave of labor protests in over 50 years. "The current wave of protests is erupting from the largest social movement Egypt has witnessed in more than half a century," leading labor historian of Egypt Joel Beinin wrote in a February report for the pro-labor Solidarity Center.
Mubarak's Reign Unsettled by Strikes and Protests | May 6, 2010
AOL News | Link to Story » Since 2004, some 2 million Egyptians have been on strike, participated in demonstrations or sit-ins or have signed petitions, according to Dr. Joel Beinin, professor of Middle Eastern history at Stanford University and author of a new report on the Egyptian labor movement released by the Solidarity Center in Washington, DC.

Labor Protests Test Egypt’s Government | April 28, 2010
New York Times | Link to Story in English and Arabic » Day after day, hundreds of workers from all over Egypt have staged demonstrations and sit-ins outside Parliament, turning sidewalks in the heart of the capital into makeshift camps and confounding government efforts to bring an end to the protests.

Why Strengthening Labor is Good For Global Health | April 10, 2010 blog | Link to Story » Some union leaders in the U.S. have formed ties with members of labor movements in other countries to share resources, organizing strategies and forge long-term partnerships. In Haiti, for example, the Solidarity Center (founded by the AFL-CIO) has partnered with Haitian unions to provide humanitarian aid and services with the goal of strengthening the Haitian labor movement.
U.S., International Unions Aid Haitians' Fight for Good Jobs and Reconstruction | March 22, 2010
In These Times | Link to Story » As relief efforts continue to provide supplies to the people of Haiti, the Solidarity Center, AFL-CIO and U.S. and international trade unions are focused on building a strategy for development and job creation.
We Remain United: In Zimbabwe's Labor Movement, A Voice for Human Rights and Democracy | March 9, 2010
Border Jumpers | Link to Story » Bernard Pollack and Danielle Nierenberg's blog documenting their travels through Africa highlights a recent trip to Zimbabwe, where they met with ZCTU leader and union activist Wellington Chibebe.
Workers Protest Privatization | March 3, 2010  
Al-Masry Al-Youm | Link to Story » On February 23, 2010, the workers of the Tanta Linen, Flax and Oil Company ended their 16 day sit-in demanding the reinstatement of several workers who have been fired, an increase in their meal allowance, and payment of back wages and bonuses that they are owed.                                                                                                                                                               
After the Quake, A Business Boom in Haiti? | February 25, 2010
National Public Radio | Link to Story » In the wake of a devastating Earthquake that has left Haiti’s capital city in ruins, many business leaders in Haiti’s garment industry see the rebuilding process as a fresh start for foreign investment in a country plagued by 70% unemployment. Cathy Feingold, the Solidarity Center's Country Program Director for Haiti, offers her critique of using Haiti's textile industry as an economic development model for the country.
ElBaradei Says Egypt 'At Bottom' of World, Calls for Change | February 22, 2010
Bloomberg | Link to Story » Egypt’s Nobel peace-prize winner and former Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency has said Egypt is “at the bottom of the international community." Despite the country’s recent increase in foreign investment, over 40% of Egyptians are still living in poverty.

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